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Dolac Market, Zagreb

including Kramberg, Mondekar, and Stern families

Paspa Family website

Jednoga jutra, čim stigoh doma - Berde bend
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Welcome to the site! The site was made by me, Philip Paspa.  I had long felt that ways of sharing documents, photos, recipes, even some everyday experiences have been inadequate. My intention here is to provide a "one stop shop" for these.  This is a preliminary site, but it does represent up to now hours of work.  There is still much to do here.   I have many more items I will upload including albums, documents, and videos.  I have some recipes also, and many of you do also.  You can use the recipe blog to add them from this site.  Most of these pages are members only, so I would encourage you to sign up as a member in the right upper corner of this home page, and you will have access.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks.   

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